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Fractional ownership of Marbella Beach Resort has now been released.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions which we have been asked concerning Marbella Beach Resort.

Is this not just another timeshare?
No, the difference between timeshare and fractional ownership is that with timeshare you purchase time ownership at a resort, not a specific home. With fractional ownership you own the actual “bricks and mortar” (freehold) of your selected home. It is your asset to sell, rent or enjoy as you wish. It is an asset which will deliver you any increase of value over your ownership. It is planned to sell Marbella Beach Resort after 25 years and to divide the income, less expenses between the owners.

How many other owners will there be?
This can vary from 4 to 10 depending on purchase lengths made. Owners can be made up of a person, couple, family or associates.

Can I sell my ownership?
As with any freehold property you are free to sell your share as you wish. You can, of course, also pass this ownership on to later generations of your family.

So what use do I get?
The home is yours during the weeks you have purchased. You, your family or friends can use it as their own. If you wish you are free to rent it and earn extra income. You have full ownership.

What times of year will I receive for my investment?
Heritage Resorts are highly experienced in rotational week allocations and systems are in place ensuring that each owner receives a fair share of weeks throughout the year. Weeks will be allocated prior to purchase so you will be sure of what you are receiving.

What services will I receive during my stay?
The equivalent services of a 5 star hotel, including cleaning and maintenance are at your disposal*, you have a choice of restaurants, gymnasium, swimming pools and full concierge service.

*There are further gold services available which will be offered to you, there is an extra charge for these.

Are there restrictions on usage?
Heritage Resorts will manage the apartments. Their experience is second to none and their priority is to ensure that your home is maintained to its best quality at all times. You will therefore see rules in the contract which apply to the usage of the properties (occupancy levels etc.) These rules are there to protect your interests at all times.

What costs apart from purchase price are there?
Before purchase, we strongly recommend that you have your own lawyer review your purchase contract. All local legal costs and taxes are included in the purchase price. As with all properties, to ensure that they are kept in best condition, maintenance costs are involved. As this cost is shared between the owners it is not as high as it would be if you were in full ownership of the property. The property management will create a fund between the owners to cover all general maintenance costs. The cost of this is shared between owners relating to their ownerships. You will be advised on this cost before purchasing.

Does Marbella Beach Resort suit my holiday home requirements?
Marbella is probably the most accessible sunshine area in Europe. Dozens of low cost daily flights arrive daily. The incredible amenities of the Costa del Sol will ensure that you, your family and guests will have the holiday of a lifetime-time after time!

Will we feel at home?
Your home is furnished with most comfortable, stylish furnishings and every appliance is at your fingertips. The large sizes of the home and its terraces will ensure your comfort throughout your stay. The Heritage Resorts team, the resort managers, are highly experienced. They will make you most welcome and soon you will be on first name terms!

Is there a wow factor?
Just look from your balcony across the swimming pools to the beach and the Mediterranean and see for yourself!

Will I have a carefree stay!
Heritage Resorts are one of the most experienced resort managers having over 500 homes and 2 large hotels under their control. You can rest assured that you have the best in the business looking after your interests!

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